Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The story so far...

Hello and welcome! We finally made it to my first blog. It's been a busy and eventful time for me as I've spent the last few months in the studio, working on the next album and I thought it'd be nice to share thoughts and pictures with you. In the next weeks I'll try to post updates to tell the story so far and what's yet to come you.

Meanwhile, here's a couple of pictures for you!

The album is being recorded at Soho Studios in central London. Here's my classical guitar resting after a session in the live room. The live room is some 15 meters from the main room. A video and audio link allow you to communicate with the sound engineer.

I use my little home studio for additional recordings. Choosing the right guitar for a particular part can be a bit tricky, particularly when you're surrounded by more than twenty. So far I've only used 7 or 8 guitars.


  1. I'm very proud to post the first "UH!"


  2. second Uh! is mine!
    Vai così Davide, ché cresce la voglia di sentire la tua musica...